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Experience Penang in Five Days

Take That Step

And Find Out if Penang is for You

Penang in 5 Days

Where do you dream you could be in 5 years, 10 months, or even 10 days from now? Choosing a place or country to relocate to is daunting. Deciding where to retire to is just as hard. Weighing up what you have now against what may be gained from a move needs careful consideration, and you may even find you have to compromise a little.

We’re here to help you take that step and find out if Penang is for you.

"Experience Penang in 5 Days” has been carefully designed as the initial ‘step’ on the start of your journey to making that hard decision. We offer a personalised tour, specifically tailored for those considering a positive change in their life and who want to explore making Penang their new home. We promise a truly immersive experience encompassing local food, the community, the diverse culture and a glimpse into life on this unique island.

Are you asking the right questions?
What are your rights as a resident?
Can I afford a luxury home and maintain a stable and comfortable lifestyle in Penang?

We provide customised research and an in-depth local experience for those interested in relocating or retiring to Penang. We can help with everything from real-estate to legal matters or even where to find the best Crab Curry Dish here!
Write to us to find out more about this all-inclusive voyage of discovery - "Experience Penang in 5 Days"

Package Includes:- (Rates below are used as guidelines , please enquire for customised packages for 2022 and 2023)

A Concierge Service that begins from the moment you land

1. Penang 101 Welcome Hamper

2. All Meals and Snacks (special dietary requirements catered for)

3. Air-conditioned and Comfortable Transportation

4. Minimum 5-star Accommodation 

5. Personal 24 Hour Local Go-to Person 

Penang Insights from the Professionals

6. An Afternoon Talk on:

- In-depth Local Guidelines on Financial Loans 

- Malaysian Immigration Laws and Guidelines (including an Updated Booklet on MM2H)

7. One-on-one ‘Legal Matters’ Session (available upon request) 

8. An Afternoon with Serena - Real Estate Consultations and Property Site Visits.

9. One-on-one Session with Serena (available upon request) 

10. An Overview of Penang Island’s Private Healthcare and Wellness Facilities (1 hour)  

11. One-on-one Session with a Healthcare Representative from Penang Adventist Hospital 

12. An Insight into Education and Higher Learning in Penang and Malaysia (1 hour) 

(Educational institution site visits are available upon request)

Getting to Know Penang Island

13. Cooking Class with a Local Celebrity Chef and/or Penang Hill Walk 

14. From the Horse's Mouth - Meet other MM2H Expats Living in Penang

15. Intimate Culture & Heritage Tour at a UNESCO Heritage Mansion

16. Local Wet Market Tour 

17. Evening Tour to Sample our Famous Street Food



Per Person RM10,000  

Per Couple RM18,000 

Group Enquiries Welcome (for groups of 3 – 7 people)  

(Please note: Flights are not included but we can help with arrangements and recommendations) 

Payment Terms:

30% of total cost upon booking, balance 2 weeks before arrival 

(Please note: Special requests not included in the package can be accommodated but may be chargeable)


For more information on the program, please write to us to request.

Success! Message received. We will revert to you shortly.


Josh Lee Fragrances,  is an international fragrance brand that offers a collection of premium and niche fragrances with worldly scents from the nature (flowers, fruits, spices, herbs, woods, marine water, etc.)
Josh Lee, the Perfume Designer, a local to Penang island, works with World's Leading International Swiss Fragrance House, Firmenichto strictly choose the best natural ingredients from all four corners of the globe and to produce the highest quality of perfume oils which is approved by IFRA (The International Fragrance Association) standard.
The core value of Josh Lee Fragrances is against animal testing and no animal ingredients are used in the fragrance products.


For over 20 years the YKH Group restaurants have been the trend-setter in Penang’s restaurant, bar and (lately) boutique hotel scene, driven by a passion for good food, drink and beautiful setups.
YKH's venues are each uniquely special – the most historical Great House of Penang, the only Revolving Restaurant and Rooftop Bar in Penang, the only seaside restaurant in an Italianeate Mansion in the heart of the city and a pre war shop house in the Unesco World Heritage Core Zone – all carefully chosen and restored to their former glories to create a truly memorable F&B and accommodation experience for all our patrons.
YKH Group's mission is to uplift and with hold the standards of eating out and entertainment in sync with the current lifestyle demands of visitors as well as the people of Penang by providing unique experiences.

Suffolk House, Penang’s first ‘Great House’, is a stunning example of an Anglo-Indian garden house and Malaysia’s only surviving Georgian Mansion, originally built in the early 1800s. Here, you can also treat yourself to a taste of life in the mansion restaurant by savoring lunch, afternoon tea or dinner at the Suffolk House restaurant. The ambience of the great mansion is perfect for parties and as Penang wedding venue, business meetings as well as presentations and luxury product launches.

Established in June 2009, Nazlina Spice Station has seen thousands of students entering its door. Within a few hours, participants can have an intimate glimpse of how local culture is being interpreted from food that the locals source, cook and eat. It is a traditional cooking class, with the tastes and ingredients maintained as close as possible to the old ways. Classes include a walking guided tour to the markets, this tour is not just about food. It is a mix of cultural knowledge, heritage insight and also a tasty experience. Nazlina Hussin is a local culinary guide that had won accolades worldwide and has been featured in countless newspapers, magazines and websites including The New York Times, Lonely Planet, The Independent and Weekend Telegraph. She also has participated in Slow Food projects and has appeared on several culinary television shows such as on The Good Food Channel on the BBC.

The Habitat Penang Hill is a world-class ecotourism facility located at the edge of the magnificent virgin rainforest which dominates the centre of Penang Island. This untouched forest, estimated to be over 130 million years old, provides a tranquil and timeless contrast to the hustle and bustle of urban Penang. With its nature trails, awe-inspiring treetop walkway, and soon to be opened canopy walk, The Habitat provides unrivalled opportunities for people to experience the rainforest in a whole new way. By creating a place for people to make new discoveries and to connect with nature, The Habitat aspires to inspire, awaken curiosity, and cultivate support for rainforest conservation among the thousands of Malaysians and international visitors that make their way to Penang Hill each year.

A quintessential legacy of Penang, The Blue Mansion has captivated the hearts of many and garnered numerous awards and accolades from around the world. In 2000, The Blue Mansion won the title of UNESCO’s Most Excellent Project in the Asia Pacific Heritage Awards. Today, the lavish mansion continues to be a strong contender in the international architectural and cultural foray. The Mansion is also featured in a myriad publications, TV shows, and movies.

A meticulously restored Colonial mansion set in the heart of historical George Town, Penang - a Lifestyle Hotel awaits to be discovered. Offering a combination of luxurious comfort, exceptional guest service and gracious hospitality, it is where one can truly Experience the Exceptional.

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