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What is Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Program?

The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) visa is a long-term multiple-entry Social Visit Pass that offers numerous benefits. It is a 10-year visa that can be renewed every ten years, allowing participants to stay in Malaysia for as long or as short as they like, without any minimum stay requirements.


The MM2H visa is open to citizens of all countries recognised by Malaysia, regardless of race, religion, gender, or age. Participants can bring their spouses and unmarried children below the age of 21 as dependents, although the visa is only granted to children until they reach 21 years old.


Considered one of the world's longest duration social visit visas, the MM2H visa is comparable to a permanent residency. It stands out due to its structured application process and easy renewal conditions, surpassing other similar programs. This long-duration and multiple-entry visa is advantageous for those who wish to travel across Asia for business or pleasure. Moreover, participants do not need to report their whereabouts in Malaysia, blending seamlessly into the local community and being accepted by the people.


While the MM2H visa is not a permanent residency visa, participants have the option to apply for permanent residency after the second ten-year period. However, obtaining permanent residency in Malaysia is challenging and time-consuming, leading most participants to simply renew their visa after the initial ten-year term.


The MM2H program provides an opportunity for long-term stays in Malaysia. Some participants choose to use the MM2H visa as a retirement visa, while others, such as working expatriates, make Malaysia their base for easy travel to other Asian countries for work or business. Many individuals working online, such as freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs, find it more cost-effective to stay in Malaysia compared to their home countries. All they require is a reliable high-speed internet connection.

There are currently TWO versions of MM2H available: Sarawak MM2H (S-MM2H) and West Malaysia MM2H (eMM2H).

eMM2H (West Malaysia version):

  • Main applicant must be 35 years old or above.

  • Minimum monthly income of RM 40,000.

  • Minimum liquid assets of RM 1.5 million (in a foreign bank) during application.

  • Upon approval, place a fixed deposit of RM 1 million in Malaysia.

  • Main applicant below 50 must add RM 50,000 fixed deposit for each additional dependent.

  • Stay a minimum of 90 days per year in Malaysia, accumulative to 450 days in 5 years.

  • Applicants aged 18 and above need a police certificate of no criminal record.

  • Medical insurance required for applicants below 60 years old.

  • After one year, maximum of RM 500,000 of the fixed deposit can be withdrawn for property purchase, medical expenses, and children's education.

Sarawak MM2H (S-MM2H):

  • Minimum monthly income of RM 7,000 (single) or RM 10,000 (couple) OR savings account with minimum balance of RM 50,000 (single) / RM 100,000 (couple).

  • Place a fixed deposit in Sarawak: RM 150,000 (single) or RM 300,000 (couple), maintained throughout the SMM2H visa.

  • Stay a minimum of 30 days per year in Sarawak.

  • Applicants aged 18 and above need a police certificate of no criminal record.

  • Medical insurance required for applicants below 60 years old.

  • Additional requirement for applicants aged 40-49: Invest in residential property in Sarawak worth minimum RM 600,000.

  • Applicants aged 30-39 may apply if they have children below 18 studying in Sarawak or are undergoing long-term medical treatment.

We kindly request you to reach out to us at so that we can connect you with the right professionals for further assistance.

Benefits of the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Visa:

  • Tax-Free: No taxes on foreign remittances into Malaysia, including employment income and pensions.

  • Competitive Medical Insurance: You can purchase medical insurance from Malaysian insurance companies at competitive prices.

  • Tax-Free Imports: Bring in pets and used household effects without paying taxes.

  • Maid Accommodation: Bring in a previously employed maid to Malaysia.

  • Parental Dependents: Main applicants can bring their parents (above 60 years old) as dependents.

  • Education for Children: Children with the MM2H visa can study in local private schools and colleges.

  • Property Purchase: Lower minimum property purchase price for MM2H holders in Penang.

  • Grandfather Clause: Renew the MM2H visa every 10 years with the same requirements used during the application.

  • Enjoy Future Benefits: Benefit from new MM2H visa benefits introduced after your application.

  • Long-Term Stay: No minimum days required to stay in Malaysia; you can stay immediately or even years later.

  • Indefinite Stay: MM2H visa is renewable every ten years, allowing you to stay indefinitely.

  • Multiple Entry Visas: Travel in and out of Malaysia as many times as you like without informing authorities.

  • No Property Requirement: No obligation to buy or rent a property in Malaysia.

  • Freedom of Residence: Stay anywhere you like in Malaysia (except Sabah and Sarawak) without reporting to authorities.

  • Attractive for Entrepreneurs: MM2H is not just a retirement visa; young entrepreneurs can benefit too.

  • Addressing Past Issues: MM2H addresses common complaints from other retirement visa programs.

  • Stability and Centralised Process: MM2H offers a stable renewal process centralised in Putrajaya.

  • Flexibility in Travel: No restrictions on staying in Malaysia; you can travel around as desired.

  • No Property Investment Pressure: MM2H does not mandate property investment, saving you financial burden.

  • No Reporting Requirements: No need to report your whereabouts or travel plans to authorities.

  • English Proficiency: English is widely spoken and understood in Malaysia.

  • Rule of Law: Malaysia has strict adherence to the rule of law.

  • Local Treatment: MM2H holders are treated more like locals than foreigners.

  • Inheritance Laws and Taxes: Inheritance laws are observed, and there are no inheritance taxes.

  • Friendly Environment: Malaysians are known for their genuine friendliness.

  • Property Ownership: Properties can be purchased under your own name, not through complex processes.

  • Safe and Peaceful: Violence is not tolerated, and racial and religious tolerance are widely accepted.

  • Modern Infrastructure: Malaysia boasts excellent infrastructure comparable to developed countries.

  • Cost of Living: Enjoy a lower cost of living compared to developed nations.


Note: Please be aware that information, benefits, and requirements may change over time. It's advisable to check for any updates or changes with the relevant authorities.

We kindly request you to reach out to us at so that we can connect you with the right professionals for further assistance.

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